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The village of Pettenasco lies on the easterrn shore of Lake Orta or Cusio and has gained recent fame by tourism thanks to the rare beauty of its lak, green hills and landscape. But is above all the undertaking character of his inhabitants that Pettenasco has been known for more than two hundred years as an undiscussed centre of handicraft: just to mention its cofee and pepper grinders, graters, mortars and any other steel and wooden objects.
Since a few years it as been the seat of the Museum of Wood and for several decades the "Cusiani Benemeriti" Award - actually represented by an artistic Coffee Grinder - has been assigned to internationally famous personalities. This ambience invites to be positive and continuing this tradition, in 1972 Bianchi Casalinghi were founded, and artisan company that, combining the best experience and modern technologies and using prime-quality materials, offer every-day use household articles thet are simple, practical and longlasting. In one word "Positive".
  • The articles illustrated in this web site are made in Italy